Sunday, March 22, 2015

Life's Not Fair

 I'm a cross between a Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle.

 I'm supposed to chase things,

 like that rabbit in the garden on Thursday.

It's not fair that I pull a muscle doing what comes naturally. 

 So, I go from my blankey downstairs 
to my blankey upstairs

 waiting to feel better.

 It's not happening.

Sigh . . . may as well sleep.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Nothin' Like Noro

Two knitterly things to share.
1.)  The Rowan Felted Tweed arm warmers

 are finished.

2.) A bag full of Noro Silk Garden found its way 
to my home from Main Street Yarn in Milton.
 Two colour ways were hunted down, #377 and #275.

 Noro is interesting. These skeins are all #275. . . 

 and these are #377. 
Makes for addictive knitting because the combinations are endless.

 Knit two rows with one colour then, two rows with the other.
A few months ago I made a scarf and arm warmers like this.

 A simple straightforward design transforms into something spectacular.
Noro Silk Garden is a bit 'rustic', but it does soften with wear.

Well . . . back to work.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Underpinnings #6

A dog never looks so serious as when wearing human clothing. 
These dour doggies caught my eye this week on Pinterest. 
Thank you, sweet things, for being so compliant.

OHHH . . . deliveries today. 
Miss Canada Post brought 5 shades of Rowan Felted Tweed for 
Fair Isle Arm Warmers 
by Erica Westerop - Cello Knits

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mayhem Monday

It always begins very innocently.

I bring the Boneless Wonder into the kitchen and . . . 

ask sweetly, "Do you wanna play?"


Then Pinky is dangled in my face. 

I like Pinky. I wanna sniff and kiss her, but then . . . 

  the urge to cause some serious damage overwhelms me!

 And suddenly I remember it's Mayhem Monday!
No more Mr. Nice Guy.

I manage a decent grip . . .

give Pinky a first-class shake . . .

and try to rip her head right off!

What am I doing? 
Have I lost my mind?
 I love Pinky.
Hmm . . . seems there's something else looking for trouble.

Ha! It's Tiger Tim.
Get over here, you, and prepare to meet your maker.

 Don't you hate when this happens?

Underpinnings #5

A continuous onslaught of cold and snow limits some activities, but trolling Pinterest is not one of them. This week's focus is appealing stitches worth an experimental hour's effort. It's fascinating to see what various weight and colour combinations will bring into this wintry world of white. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Underpinnings #4

Quentin Blake is this week's Pinterest focus.

You may recognize his illustrations from Roald Dahl's books and

. . . from his own.

His sketchy, sparse and sometimes irreverent drawings 
are favourites of kids and teachers.

Here QB talks about his process of illustrating in a three-part video.

Quentin Blake can be found on Facebook and at

This past year QB has extensively promoted 
The House of Illustration
It is the world's first centre dedicated to the art of illustration.
Check it out below and look for the entries to 
 Longlist : The Book Illustration Competition 2015.